Thursday, 13 August 2020


Kwekwe City Council has started renovating its mayoral mansion with a view of converting the property into a lodge.

Located in the affluent Hillandale suburb, the house was left vacant by the previous mayor, Matenda Titos Madzoke, following a public outcry.

Prior to that, councillors led by then mayor and current deputy mayor, Cllr Shadreck Tobaiwa, turned down a proposal to sell the house saying it was against council policy.

Incumbent Mayor, Councilor Angeline Kasipo has not moved into the mansion three years after occupying the influential position. 

A source close to the happenings however has it on good authority that the house was to be turned into a lodge to help generate income for the financially beleaguered local authority.

“The mansion is meant to be converted into a lodge. This is why you see renovations being carried out at the mansion. Councillors proposed that instead of it being left to lie idle like that,’ said a source on condition of anonymity.

Speaking during a recent full council meeting, Kwekwe Director of Housing Mr Edson Chiyangwa confirmed that renovations were underway at the mansion.

“We are working with our colleagues from the engineering department and we have managed to acquire most of the material needed for the job. Very soon we will be giving feedback on the progress but the work is going on well,” said Mr Chiyangwa.
Cllr Kasipo could neither confirm nor deny the development saying a decision was yet to be made regarding the mansion.

“Yes, we are renovating because the mansion was now in a bad state. But we are yet as council to make a decision on what to do with the house after renovations. As of now we are still concentrating on the renovations,” she said.

Government did not specify whether ceremonial mayors should occupy mayoral mansions that used to be occupied by executive mayors.

The last executive mayor for the city, Stanford Bonyongwa once caused a stir when he demanded the mansion as his exit package before he was given another Newtown house. Chronicle


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