Wednesday, 19 August 2020


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says his party has a solid working relationship with the church dating back from the days of the liberation struggle.

Addressing the 342 Ordinary  Session of the Politburo, President Mnangagwa said his Government remains committed to working with the church to build a united and prosperous Zimbabwe.

He said :”Zanu PF has a close relationship with the Church, dating back to the days of the liberation struggle. In post independence period we continued to work well. Going foreward, we remain committed to working well with the church to advance the national development agenda as a united people,"

However, the President urged the men of cloth to stick to their mandate and not be used as fronts to undermine the government.

"However, it is most unfortunate when men of the cloth begin to use the pulpit to advance a nefarious agenda for detractors of our country.

"Those who want to enter the political realm are welcome to do so. They must come out and form political parties,” he said.


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