Friday, 28 August 2020


A diabetic and hypertensive Rusape couple has fully recovered from Covid-19 after extensively making use of home remedies and spending a month in isolation.

During their month-long isolation, surfing the Internet, watching television and working in the garden kept them going. 

“We have fully recovered and have far surpassed the period required for isolation. All of the symptoms are long gone and we will continue to abide by the World Health Organisation (WHO) safety guidelines,” said the man who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of stigmatisation on his children’s part.

The couple managed their symptoms at home as they fought Covid-19, with two of their children forbidden from coming into close contact with them.

“We supported each other as we were isolating ourselves at home. It was very difficult to tell how or where we contracted the coronavirus. My wife started feeling unwell on July 19 when I was away on business.

“On July 23, my children contacted health officials. They came and tested her for Covid-19 and other health conditions. Her sugar level was high as she is a diabetic patient. They recommended that she goes for sugar treatment. She was taken to Makuma Medical Centre where she was admitted and put on drip. 

“I joined the family and attended to her for about three days before her Covid-19 results were out,” he said.

The woman was eventually discharged on July 29, with health officials advising her to self-isolate at home.

When the whole family was tested for Covid-19, the couple’s two children tested negative while their father tested positive.

The family turned to home remedies and prayers while adhering to WHO guidelines.

“We made use of the home remedies. My wife and l would steam ourselves for three to four times per day. We would also take some lemon concoctions.

“While l don’t remember when exactly I started experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, I remember experiencing a heavy body, nausea, a hard cough and difficulties in breathing. 

“The virus has symptoms that are associated with other ailments but the cough is distinct, it is violent and uncontrollable,” he said.  “My wife and I are diabetic. I am also hypertensive. However, we did not panic during the whole time. Encouragement from pastors, friends and family members kept us strong. We advised friends and relatives not to come into contact with us and even instructed our other children who were not at home at that time to stay away until further notice,” he said, adding that supplies were being dropped outside to avoid contact.

But the couple’s illness depressed their children.

“They were more affected than us. At some point they were stressed about the prospect of death. As for us, we never entertained such thoughts. We were looking forward to winning the battle, there was no other option for us. No depression or fear crept in as we were sure that God would protect us and see us through,” he said.

The Covid-19 survivor has crucial advice for the public.

“Covid-19 needs serious home management. When one is infected, home management is the best option, unless if they are critically ill. In addition, WHO’s guidelines must be adhered to, especially on the need to wear face masks and observe physical distancing.

“Do this for personal safety, you are not doing it for the police,” he said.

Makoni District Medical Officer, Dr Tendai Nyafesa, confirmed the couple’s recovery in an interview on Wednesday.

“The couple has fully recovered. They were certified to have fully recovered last week,” said Dr Nyafesa. 

Zimbabwe’s number of confirmed Covid-19 cases stood at 6 251 as of Wednesday, including 5 001 recoveries and 179 deaths.

The country’s recovery rate stands at close to 80 percent. Manica Post


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