Saturday, 1 August 2020


FOUR former MDC employees have now applied for the High Court to issue a garnishee order against the party’s bank accounts to recover terminal benefits and salaries which they are owed.

Wilson Box, Aleck Tabe, Geraldine Sibanda, and Lawrence Paganga previously sued the MDC Alliance, but recently directed their lawsuits against the Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T group and specifically wanted US$155 318 deducted from the government grant the party recently received.

However, the Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that neither MDC Alliance nor MDC-T can receive the $7,5 million political funding under the Political Parties Finance Act until a resolution on the on-going legal battle over which formation is entitled to the money is settled.

According to the Political Parties Finance Act, all parties that poll more than five percent of the vote in a general election share the sum budgeted for political parties each year in proportion to their votes.

Box and his colleagues cited Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, MDC-T and CBZ bank as respondents in the High Court application and want deductions made until the US$155 318  together with interest at the prescribed rate and taxed costs have been paid in full.

Box and his colleagues obtained court orders against MDC-T in terms of an arbitration award and filed writs of execution against its moveable property.

One of the applicants instructed the sheriff to attach MDC-T’s moveable goods in order to recover the money, but the return of service indicated that the party’s property was insufficient to cover the debt.

The court heard Box and his colleagues were not aware of the specific details of MDC-T’s property and can no longer instruct the sheriff to attach them.

In the event that they find the immovable property, the amounts realised from the sale of the said property, they argued, may not be sufficient to cover the debt.

The court heard that MDC-T lawyers had written to Box and his colleagues on April 26 indicating intentions to pay the debt from the government grant. 

“To secure payment of the said money to applicants, the applicants have, therefore, approached this honourable court seeking a garnishee order against MDC-T’s bank account or any other account which their funds are disbursed,” reads the application. Daily News


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