Friday, 31 July 2020


In yet another foreign currency theft in Bulawayo, a city man lost US$50 000 cash (equivalent of $3,8 million) after thieves broke into his car while he was parked in the city centre on Sunday, conducting other business.

The theft occurred along Samuel Parirenyatwa Street between 14th and 15th avenues and no arrests have been made as yet, with police yesterday saying they were still investigating.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the man parked his Toyota Prado along Samuel Parirenyatwa Road on Sunday, leaving US$50 000 inside the vehicle. When he returned he found the money missing,” he said. 

Thefts and robberies of foreign currency have become more frequent in Bulawayo.

Last week, burglars broke into an irrigation company in Bulawayo and made off with US$23 500, R43 200 and $2 500 which was in a safe in one of the offices after disabling alarm systems and the closed-circuit television during the night.

Part of the stolen cash was in a safe, while the other was in a drawer and when police attended the scene, they discovered that the burglars broke one of the windowpanes and cut the burglar bars to gain entry.

Four armed robbers recently snatched US$80 000 in Bulawayo from a man believed to be a gold dealer, while he was in his car outside a city hotel. 

The 29-year-old man was in his Toyota Allex near the intersection of Joshua Nkomo Street and 12 Avenue, opposite a hotel when one of the robbers, armed with a pistol, jumped into his vehicle.

The robber was then joined by his three accomplices and the four manhandled the victim demanding the cash. They later drove off in the Toyota with the victim, before dumping him in the city centre.

A driver from a Bulawayo-based hardware company also allegedly lost US$30 000 to thieves while on the way to bank the cash after he stopped at a supermarket in the city centre to buy food, leaving the cash in an envelope on the dashboard.

The driver had been sent by one of the directors of the hardware firm in Belmont. However, police were not convinced that the robber took place and suspected the driver faked it. Herald


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