Thursday, 16 July 2020


POPULAR rapper Desmond Chideme aka Stunner remains hospitalised days after he was reportedly admitted to a private Harare hospital.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday family spokesperson Godfrey ‘Vokal’ Bakasa said the singer who has been sick for the past weeks had undergone several medical tests and was waiting for the results.

The musician was hospitalised after complaining of headache and chest pains. “The treatment is going on well. He recently went through all the tests and we are now waiting for results today,” Bakasa told the Daily News.

Stunner is a major player in local hip-hop music industry where he has won several awards.
 He has performed at international platforms such as African Entertainment Awards (AEA) and Big Brother Africa Live Eviction Show among others.

The singer boasts of a number of commercially successful studio albums including If I Die Tonight, Hameno; Kalife; Team Hombe; Number One and Can’t Stop Me among others.

While there have been posts on social media where people are calling on his fans to contribute towards his medical bills, Bakasa said this was fake.

“We’ve learnt of Internet posts soliciting for medical funds on behalf of Stunner.
“It is true that Stunner is not in good health, but he has not yet approved efforts to source money on his behalf, neither has he sent emissaries to that effect.

“Stunner is admitted to a private medical facility in Harare.
“He has been showing signs of improvement and all the hospital bills are paid up in full.
“Close friends and family members have been able to visit him and he remains in good spirits.

“We plead for your courtesy as he focuses on his recovery,” Bakasa said in a recent statement. Daily News


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