Monday, 6 July 2020


MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa has threatened to boycott the 2023 elections, saying there is need for electoral reforms before participating, while also hinting that the opposition party will soon embark on massive protests to deal with the economic and political crises.

Speaking at an e-rally in Harare yesterday, the youthful opposition leader said they will not participate in the next election if electoral reforms are not implemented.

“There is no 2023 or next elections without reforms. We have the capacity to stop elections,” Chamisa said.

 Chamisa said Zimbabweans must prepare themselves to confront President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime, which has caused them untold suffering.

“We came up with the Breaking Barriers Initiative (BBI), this year action is inevitable, and we are going to do action through our own timetable. Zanu PF is coming to us telling us when to do action.

“We will get there very soon. What we need is unity of purpose, direction and action. It’s a call to all Zimbabweans to come together and demand change.”

He said his party is going to support all “progressive forces” who want to protest.

“We have a governance problem, how it is going to be resolved, we need a transitional authority so we work together to move our country forward. Then after that we have free and fair elections. Those free and fair elections must have a post and pre-election pact, we don’t want to remain conflicting in this country.

“We want people to be united and work together; Zanu PF and MDC come and unite to build your country.

“We can’t have a country which talks about politics every time, slogan this, slogan that, let’s have slogans of economic development, fourth industrial revolution, which brings smart technologies.”

He said they have started mobilising people across the country to prepare for demonstrations.
“We have reached a critical moment where there is need to make crucial decisions. I have put my team in communities to mobilise people like what (Zengeza West MP Job) Sikhala said.

“People just wait for the announcement; we want a chorus for a better life, for people’s government, justice and constitutionalism. Be prepared because the time to be happy is not too far. I am feeling it. Change is very close.

“I know that something is going to happen soon with all Zimbabweans united in peace exercising section 59. If we unite, we do one thing saying enough is enough. Spread the word that change is coming.” 

Chamisa blasted the Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T, saying they are working with Zanu PF to destroy his party while blaming the ruling party for using Covid-19 measures to violate people’s rights. Daily News


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