Friday, 12 June 2020


the late with his mother
MOURNERS in Gokwe were left shocked after one of their community leaders refused to attend the burial of their fellow villager, and demanded two goats and two chickens.

According to a source, village head Finias Chalisegera refused to attend both the funeral wake and burial of his subject Barnabas Mabhara saying he did not belong to his village. As a result, the source said, he ordered the family to pay him two goats and two chickens for him to attend.

The incident which has become a topical issue among community members happened last week on Thursday.

A brother to the deceased, Herbert, said mourners were left shocked how a community leader could demand to be paid to attend a funeral.

“My younger brother and a relative got sick while they were in Beitbridge. We went to fetch them. Unfortunately he (Barnabas) got seriously ill and died last week on Wednesday and was buried on Friday. It’s shocking as it defies logic because in our culture when a person dies we make a report to the local leadership and that was done but we got the shock of our lives as our very own village head told us that he would not attend because my younger brother did not belong to his village.”

He added: “Everyone in the community knows that my younger brother was born and raised here. He (Chalisegera) just came and stood outside the gate and made his demand which we turned down as a family.”

Chalisegera said: “Who told you about that? That issue is in the hands of headman Nyambiya and it would be wiser for you to contact him.”

Fanuel Mhike who is the secretary to headman Nyambiya confirmed: “The incident happened and a family filed a report. I’m yet to meet with headman Nyambiya for the way forward.” B Metro


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