Wednesday, 10 June 2020


GOVERNMENT has said mayors and councillors will not receive any exit packages and gratuities at the end of their terms.

Councils have been at loggerheads with residents over hefty packages given to city fathers.

Councillors have also been made to understand that the offer of a residential stand is a privilege and not an entitlement meant to enable them to live in a dignified manner. Government has also said a stand acquired by a councillor must not result in one making a profit out of it.
The new measures will help to fight rampant corruption within local authourities.

In a recent circular sent to all town clerks and secretaries titled: “Councillors allowances and perks”, the permanent secretary for Local Government and Public Works Mr Zvinechimwe Churu said mayors and councillors were not going to receive exit packages.

“The Honourable Minister has approved that no exit package be paid to any councillor on the completion of his or her term of office,” said Mr Churu.

He said to facilitate serving councillors to live in a dignified manner, Government has granted permission to councillors who do not have a house in their wards to be allocated a single residential stand in their lifetime, within that ward to construct a house.
The facility is not open to councillor’s friends and or relatives.

“The stand may be sold to the councillor at a discount of 40 percent of the normal value. The stand is to be offered to the councillor on a lease with the option to purchase with payment being made in equal monthly installments and completed before the end of the term of office of the councillor. Title may not be issued until the development of the home is complete. The councillor may not sell the stand or cede the lease during his/her term of office,” he said.

Mr Churu said a councillor is not entitled by right to a commercial or industrial stand.

Councillors who wish to acquire such a stand are required to follow normal council procedures and needs to meet all the requirements set down by the council.

Mr Churu said each councillor had been granted free parking and a free grave during their tenure.

“If a council wishes to purchase electronic equipment such as cellphones or tablets for councillors, this can only be done with the approval of the Minister. The application to the Minister must contain justification for the purchase, the budget line and amount budgeted for same, the type of equipment and justification, the cost and the conditions attached to the use of the equipment,” said Mr Churu.

He said the Ministry has placed restriction on the holding of workshops, seminars, training and seminar events including look and learn visits outside of council’s jurisdiction in the case of Urban Councils and outside the administrative district in the case of Rural District Councils unless prior authority has been granted.

Mr Churu said councillors are also not entitled to be paid sitting allowances.

In terms of monthly allowances, Mr Churu said mayors and chairpersons are entitled to $2 510, deputy mayors and vice chairpersons $2 300, chairpersons of committees $2 175 and councillors $2 092.

“In addition to a monthly allowance, councillors are entitled to travel and subsistence allowances for travel outside council area only. The exception to this would be payment of allowances to Rural District Councillors attending council meetings because of the distance involved. The rates are calculated at the current Government rates plus 50 percent. No allowances other than those specified in the Treasury circular may be paid including out of pocket allowance,” he said. Chronicle


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