Wednesday, 17 June 2020


FORMER Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere has filed an application for an interdict against four men who continue to invade his Mazowe farm despite an order barring them from doing so.

In the application, Kasukuwere told the court that he was offered occupancy of Corncorpia Farm in Mazowe in September 2002 in terms of the Agricultural Land Settlement Act.

He said since then he had been in peaceful occupation of the farm, adding that Lands minister Perrance Shiri had tried but failed to withdraw his offer letter. Kasukuwere filed an urgent application for spoliation against the respondents on May 19, which was granted by the High Court.

 The respondents have since filed an appeal against the High Court decision in the Supreme Court and continued to harvest produce at Kasukuwere’s farm.
 Kasukuwere now wants an order for the High Court order issued in his favour to be executed pending hearing of the Supreme Court appeal.

The respondents were given 14 days from May 29 when the order was passed to vacate the property in lieu of which the Sheriff of the High Court was directed to give effect to the order by ejecting the respondents.

In the appeal, the respondents submitted that Kasukuwere was a fugitive from justice who should not have been given audience by the courts and produced warrants in cases that were quashed by High Court.

“They have been disrupting farming activities in a manner that shows that they are aware that the appeal filed by them is intended to merely buy time within which to harass the applicants and perpetuate the illegalities that resulted in the initial application,” reads Kasukuwere’s
 application. Daily News


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