Wednesday, 24 June 2020


DANCERS Association of Zimbabwe (Daz) is appealing to well-wishers to come to the rescue of dancers who are reportedly “starving in their homes” owing to coronavirus (Covid-19)-induced inactivity.

Daz president Hapaguti “Harpers” Mapimhidze told the Daily News yesterday that dancers have been the hardest hit among artists as the national lockdown takes its toll on their livelihoods as they cannot perform before paying crowds.

Dancers are usually billed to perform in nightclubs, at weddings, parties or other social gatherings which have since March 30 been banned.

“Musicians are getting some online concerts and prior to the lockdown musicians were getting more than dancers in terms of remuneration. The dancers were struggling to pay rentals for a room in high density suburbs. So just imagine now.

“Dancers are ‘dying’ of hunger in their homes during this lockdown and I urge local promoters and other well-wishers to chip in and help the situation,” said Harpers.

Mapimhidze singled out a handful of dancers who are currently leading a better life.

“We can talk of Beverly Sibanda, Zoey Sifelani and Apama; the majority of dancers are wallowing in poverty,” he said.

Daz is made up of about 50 dance groups including Zoey’s Red Angels, Manjenjenje, Prama Stove, Four Angels, Sarah Dee, Peter Kagomere, Pala Pala, Wasu, Crazy Boys, Millenium, Mageshi, Chocolate, Fearless, Digital, Digital Queens, Unique Queens, Hot and Bling, Kalawa, Red Piston, Chimora, Extra Hot, Malaika, Royal, Dragon, All Stars, Mabhatiri, Naked Weapon, Zero Degrees, Starlight, Mandisa Queens, Sexy Bellas, Generations, Creamy Lolipops, Bella Queens, Clara Super Steppers and Fireworks among others.

The Sexy Angels leader, Bev is being spoiled by her United Kingdom-based husband Chambuka Mufudzi.
 Apama, real name David Machowa, told the Daily News he was working with the Ruwa Local Board to disseminate social and health messages in the community during the course of the lockdown.

“As a dancer, you should always invest. You can invest in relationships, it’s fine. It will help you one day. As for me, I have a good working relationship with the Ruwa Local Board. During this lockdown, I was working with them on a number of projects including doing some road shows and produced some skits among others, all meant to educate the society on how to curb the spread of Covid-19,” Machowa said. Daily News


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