Thursday, 25 June 2020


MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has vowed to fight against the recall of his legislators from Parliament by the rival Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T.

Khupe recalled a total of 13 MDC-Alliance legislators from Parliament, after she became the party’s interim leader following a Supreme Court ruling. 

This comes as the senseless wars consuming the MDC continue to deepen, with neither Khupe nor Chamisa seemingly able to stabilise the troubled party — to the obvious glee of Zanu PF.

Chamisa and Khupe have been battling to control the party since the death of the party leader Morgan Tsvangirai in February 2018, in a development that left the opposition party in disarray. 
“… MDC-Alliance MPs can’t be forced to belong to the MDC-T they defeated in 2018. We resist the illegal and unlawful recalls. Five fights on —a legitimate people’s government, reforms, livelihoods and rights! #corruptioniskillingus,” Chamisa wrote on micro-blogging site Twitter. 

Zanu PF is however, on record denying any involvement in the fight between Khupe and Chamisa.

 The fresh batch of recalls of the party’s MPs on Tuesday also came amid renewed efforts by some worried MDC bigwigs to re-unite the movement’s leaders — who have been at each other’s throats ever since Tsvangirai’s death. 

Mudenda, announced the expulsion of the nine legislators from the august House on Tuesday after re-instated MDC secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora said they had ceased to represent the party’s interests in Parliament.

 Among those expelled were some key lieutenants of Chamisa such as Amos Chibaya (Mkoba), Murisi Zwizwai (Harare Central), and Happymore Chidziva (Highfield West). 

The others were proportional representatives Bacilia Majaya, Macharairwa Mugidho, Virginia Muradzikwa, Annah Myambo, Francisca Ncube and Nomathemba Ndlovu.
 The MDC’s interim leadership has now recalled a total of 13 party legislators from Parliament — following last month’s jettisoning of Chalton Hwende (Kuwadzana East), Prosper Mutseyami (Chikanga Dangamvura), Tabitha Khumalo (proportional) and Senator Lilian Timveos (Midlands), as Khupe continues to flex her muscles in the fierce fight for the control of the party.

Commenting on the recalls, MDC-Alliance spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said the recall was a “violent onslaught” on the will of the people, who elected MDC-Alliance MPs into Parliament. 

“We take the firm view that State institutions, including Parliament are being abused to reverse the will of the people and replace it with an unholy alliance between (Mr) Mnangagwa and (Ms) Khupe. This great reversal of the people’s will by Zanu PF is a continuation of the electoral theft of 2018. 

“The block recalls are a regrettable act of intimidation of MPs who have refused to align themselves with the Zanu PF agenda. The thinking is that our MPs will be guided by material interest not by their conscience, however, unlike those who have chosen political expediency we firmly believe that the majority of our MPs, who represent the true will of the people, will be guided by conscience,” Mahere said. 

She said, the MDC-T was targeting proportional representatives, in a bid to create space for handpicking surrogates, including Khupe. 

“They want to hand her a free ticket into Parliament to make her an opposition stooge in Parliament even though she has no mandate from the people,” she said.
 All this comes as Khupe has deferred the much-anticipated and court-directed MDC extra-ordinary congress, which was due to be held at the end of next month. 

Khupe said the postponement had been necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic, which restricts large gatherings.

 The postponement came a few days after MDC organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe implored both Khupe and Chamisa to bury their differences and unite for the good of the party.
“Our meeting today is founded on the reality of the divisions sponsored by our own indiscretions and admittance of the fact that there were two congresses — one at Stanley Square in Bulawayo and another at Gweru — with two leaders who contested each other in the 2018 elections. 

“It is our collective responsibility to bring the two leaders to the table, whatever the stakes involved. It has taken us literally forever to meet as a team, and I want to speak to our mandates as responsible adult citizens on whom the whole nation reposes,” Bhebhe said while presenting a report in the party’s standing committee last week. 

“We need each other if this struggle is to be won at all. I appeal that as leaders we cast our sights into the long run, ahead of the short termism that manifested in the decisions, actions and choices we have taken so far, both individually and collectively in small sub groups. I am appealing to you as fellow trench men and women that we treat each other with one eye to sustaining the struggle against a common enemy,” Bhebhe added. Daily News


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