Thursday, 4 June 2020


OPPOSITION leader Nelson Chamisa says President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s style of leadership is worse than that of the late former president Robert Mugabe, adding his time is up. 

Speaking at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts where he had attended a court appearance of top lawyer Thabani Mpofu yesterday for allegedly defeating the course of justice, Chamisa said: “Like I indicated, the lawyer (Mpofu) is in good spirits. He knows that in a dictatorship, when you are a lawyer, you are then misconstrued to be an enemy of the State, yet he is only doing his professional duty to represent those who are supposed to be represented. 

“It’s a banana republic, so you can also see the banana conduct of Mr Mnangagwa. We never thought that Mnangagwa would be worse than Mugabe, but he has proven Mugabe to be a toddler in dictatorship.

“He (Mnangagwa) has proved that Mugabe was actually Banana in Pyjamas, a cartoon level, and he has really taken dictatorship to another level and we will have to make sure that Mnangagwa is shown the way that is shown to all dictators. They have to exit the people’s spaces and have to be shown the way and the time is coming.” 

Mpofu is well known for having successfully defended the 2017 military coup which ended nearly four decades of Mugabe’s ruinous rule, after it was challenged in court. 

Later, he also made global news after he unsuccessfully represented Nelson Chamisa at the Constitutional Court — shortly after the hotly-disputed 2018 presidential poll in which the charismatic politician accused Mnangagwa of ballot fraud. 

Chamisa called on the international community and Zimbabweans to take action and put an end to Mnangagwa’s rule. 

“This we will have to bring to the attention of not only Sadc and the AU, but the international community and of course Zimbabweans, because no one, but ourselves at the end of the day must say enough is enough. We can’t continue like this. People are suffering. 

“We had Murambatsvina two. We have all these problems. We are seeing this perpetual lockdown, no clarity in terms of when it is going to end, people have no livelihoods, people are actually locked up in their houses. Their houses have become dens of poverty and prisons where they cannot pursue livelihoods,” Chamisa said.

The opposition leader is currently embroiled in a battle to control the MDC with Thokozani Khupe who was thrust back into the party as acting president by a recent Supreme Court ruling that dethroned Chamisa.

 Khupe has since expelled Chamisa who insists he is the MDC Alliance president, a party he claims is not in any way associated with Khupe. 

But the court ruled the MDC Alliance a legal nonentity. Daily News


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