Wednesday, 6 May 2020


MDC T secretary general, Douglas Mwonzora says his party will not be recalling any more Members of Parliament.

“We are not recalling everyone, but only those four people as they have left us with no choice. As a party we are for unity and we pursue unity. We seek to build and never to destroy.

“Of course, there were some who thought they could recall us, but that has proved to be a tall order for them. The Supreme Court judgment is clear and does not need to be interpreted in any other way than what it is.

“Some people like Hwende and those of his ilk, who are engaging in acts of foolish bravery, should be guided accordingly. We have the power to recall MPs,” an uncompromising Mwonzora told the Daily News.

“However, let me reiterate that it is not our intention to recall more people. Therefore, all our MPs must take it easy. They must not fear anything.

“We are not a militia leadership. We are only dealing with a few individuals who really left us with no option,” he added.

But MDC Alliance senior official Jameson Timba vowed yesterday that they would resist the move to recall the four legislators, on the basis that they were elected on an MDC Alliance ticket.

“The power to recall an MP resides in the sponsoring party. The only party that can lawfully recall MDC Alliance MPs is the MDC Alliance itself.

“There are four parties represented in Parliament, being MDC and Zanu PF — who are the major parties — and then two other smaller parties.

“That is the lawful representation in the Parliament of Zimbabwe. Anything else is fictitious and challengeable at law.

“The Alliance agreement fell away when the party resolved to integrate into one political formation called the MDC Alliance, which then contested the elections,” Timba said.


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