Saturday, 30 May 2020


FORMER Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere has approached the High Court seeking to evict a group of people, who invaded his farm in Mazowe on May 6, this year.

In the application, Kasukuwere and Sea Flower Investments (Private) Limited, cited Efanos Mudzimunyi, Kudakwashe Moyana, Kenneth Mudzimunyi and Akim Mudzimunyi, as respondents.

In his court affidavit, Kasukuwere told the court that he was offered occupancy of Corncorpia Farm in Mazowe in September 2002 in terms of the Agricultural Land Settlement Act. He said since then he had been in peaceful occupation of the farm, adding that Lands minister Perrance Shiri had tried but failed to withdraw his offer letter.

“Unexpectedly and on May 6, 2020, the respondents came and invaded the farm. They have forcibly settled on the farm. They resisted the security personnel on the farm and threatened my farm workers with unspecified action as well as violence. They had brought some property on the farm and have started to invade my fields and reaping my crops.

“Their settlement on the farm and their activities thereon are against my will. They have no right to occupation of my farm and no right to interfere with my farming activities or conduct any farming activities on the farm,” Kasukuwere said.

He said the farm is State property and was allocated to him under the land reform programme. He said occupancy of the farm, can only be sanctioned by him or by the Lands minister.

“The respondents have invaded my farm. They have no lawful right to be on the farm. In addition, they did not utilise any lawful means to dispossess me of the parts of the farm they have invaded. They have taken the law into their own hands. Their actions have resulted in the subtraction of my dominion over the farm, which dominion is sanctioned by the State by virtue of my valid offer letter,” the former minister said.

He said if the application was not granted in his favour, he would continue to lose some of the crops to the illegal activities.

Kasukuwere is now seeking an order declaring the respondents’ actions unlawful and an order for him to retain sole ownership and control of the farm.

“I also seek consequential relief ordering the respondents and all those claiming occupation through them to vacate the farm within 48 hours of this order, failing which the Sheriff is directed to eject them from the farm,” he said.
 The matter is still pending before the court. Daily News


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