Saturday, 9 May 2020


A police officer has assaulted a middle-aged woman on her forehead using a button stick at a sugar queue at TM Supermarket Sakubva in an overzealous effort to maintain order on the queue.

Alice Makanike went on to report the case at ZRP Sakubva Musika base with the open wound on her forehead and her clothes blood-stained.

At the police base, the female police officer tried to disguise herself by changing her face mask but later apologised after her victim correctly picked her out among colleagues.
Makanike demanded immediate medical assistance and the police officer accompanied her to a nearby clinic.

Makanike said the police officer had acted irrationally and was overzealous in her work, choosing to beat her up badly despite that she had properly maintained her place in the queue as was expected. TellZim News


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