Wednesday, 1 April 2020


 I am aware of the attempts to legitimize shenanigans of the Khupe group through name throwing and cynical inclusion of some the MDC Alliance leadership myself included.
For the avoidance of doubt that co-option  hereby declined before it is even formally extended.

I am an elected Secretary General of the MDC Alliance,I have no intention of betraying the mandate I got,I am focused on delivery.

Just to be clear Douglas Mwonzora contested for the Secretary General's post in the MDC Alliance,he got slights above 700 votes from over 4000 voting delegates.
He contested voluntarily,it is common cause that Political parties are voluntary organisations.

He had initially intended to contest for the post of President and failed to obtain a nomination. He then announced that he was now going for the Secretary General's post,there is video footage of his announcement.

We in the MDC Alliance believed that there is no winner and loser in internal contests but there is a democratic opportunity for members to deploy leaders through a ballot.
That is the sole reason we supported President Chamisa's decision to appoint him in the Standing Committee.

That is the Standing Committee I belong to not the one reported to have been announced by Morgen Komichi yesterday.

This whole scheme is about intolerant individuals who are unable to accept cadre deployment through Congress.

I will remain the Secretary General of the MDC Alliance led by President Adv Nelson Chamisa.
Chalton Hwende
Secretary General


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