Tuesday, 28 April 2020


A Police constable from Masvingo Rural has been arrested after demanding $50 from a man who was taking his sick mother to PSMAS hospital.

The crime was allegedly committed as the man negotiated to pass through a roadblock in Masvingo. Tatenda Mtigwa appeared before magistrate Mbonisi Ndlovu last Tuesday facing criminal abuse of duty as a public officer. He was remanded out of custody to May 26 after paying $100 bail.

The State led by Edmund Mapope said on April 21, 2020 at 11am, Mtigwa was at a roadblock at Simbi Steel Makers along Masvingo-Mbalabala road together with constables Dlamini and Gutukunhuwa from ZRP Masvingo Rural.

There was also Sergeant Makanganise and Sergeant Tamayi both from Military Police based at 4 Infantry Brigade.

Mtigwa stopped Rangarirai Chikozho who was driving an unregistered Nissan Caravan towards Masvingo ferrying his mother. The accused asked Mtigwa for exemption documents and he said he had none.

He instructed Chikozho to make a U-turn and go back to where he was coming from. He pleaded his case but to no avail and made a U-turn and stopped.

Mtigwa then allegedly demanded $50 from Chikozho to allow him passage to Masvingo town.  Two senior Police cops, Chief Superintendent Gastone Boyce, Chief Superintendent Mubwere and Major Murangariri arrived in a Ford Ranger at the scene as Chikozho was counting the money in $5 notes and giving it to the accused.

Panic stricken Mtigwa walked to the blind side of the vehicle where he allegedly opened the passenger’s door and threw the money inside and went to where Chikozho was standing.
The senior officers opened the door and recovered the money leading to Mtigwa’s arrest. Masvingo Mirror


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