Monday, 6 April 2020


BABA Mechanic Manyeruke says its high time people restore their relationship with God to be saved from the lethal coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Zim gospel pioneer, who has been in the game for close to five decades preaching the word of God through music, reckons its high time people change their behaviour.

“The message is clear to people world over that we need to change our behaviour and restore our relationship with God.
“As for Zimbabwe, we are a tiny nation and it’s easy for us to change our behaviour and turn to God.

“It’s never too late for us to do so because God has spoken through this diseases which has become a global issue and it’s time we really consider our relationship with the Almighty,” he said.

The Madhimoni singer, who has since visited his rural home in Chiundura in the Midlands during the lockdown period, said it was difficult to stay indoors as stipulated by health expert.

“I’m in Chiundura right now monitoring my vegetable garden as well as my farm produce.
“I know we are expected to stay indoors but it’s not easy for us because at the end of the day we need to eat.

“The best way I did was to come here and simply do my projects away from the madding crowds.

“After doing my chores, I make sure I stay indoors and I know I am safe here.
“If the virus is to come, I know God will be in control and he is simply telling us to change our ways before we perish.

“In other words, this is just a warning that we had gone too far and we need to slow down a bit,” he said.

Asked how the virus had affected some of his programmes, he said:
“Like any other artiste, I had lined up a series of shows during the Easter period and even beyond but I had no option but to cancel and postpone.

“I am just following some of the directives and I know this thing will come to pass and it will be business as usual.

“However, things will only normalise once God intervenes and we are taking not of the winds of change sweeping across the globe.”

Asked how he was sustaining his band members like any other artiste, he added:
“This is a challenge to the majority of other artistes but in my case, we are okay since the people I work with done solely rely on music.

“In my case, I am also into farming and you can see that I won’t starve during this period.
“On that note, we urge people to find self-help projects to sustain themselves or simply find other sources of income.” H Metro


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