Friday, 10 April 2020


Staff at Zimbabwe’s flagship carrier, Air Zimbabwe, are to lose their jobs following a staff rationalization process put in place by the Airline in the wake of lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed globally to stem the spread of COVID-19, thereby grounding flights.

In a staff notice, Air Zimbabwe revealed that the travel restrictions put in place implied no revenue inflows and that while other revenue initiatives were being pursued, staff remuneration remained one of the greatest cost drivers within the airline and that without revenue inflows, it was a challenge to continue funding salaries.

“Resultantly, our staff compliment will be reduced and a skeletal team identified by the heads of departments will be put in place to ensure adhoc operations, airworthiness compliance, safety, security of aircraft and associated equipment within the Airline,” expressed the airline in the staff notice.

To this effect, some of the staff members will be placed on indefinite unpaid leave effective April 23, 2020 until operations normalize though April 2020 salaries for all staff will still be paid in full.

Air Zimbabwe also said that the decision had been made after assessing all presented options and that COVID-19, however, has had far reaching consequences on the economy and way of living.

“Nonetheless, we look forward to resuming our normal operations with the deployment of our B737 and ERJ 145 once they are available and travel restrictions have been lifted.”

The carrier added that it was still under construction and there was need to ensure that the available scarce resources be channeled towards business continuity. Standard


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