Monday, 2 March 2020


WALKING at the age of 12 for 12 days from Mberengwa to Bulawayo, starting primary education at Grade Six because of advanced age to writing books summarises the life of an Upper Six pupil in Bulawayo.

Zenzo Siziba has penned a book dedicated to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Second Republic.

The avid writer whose romance with the pen started when he was in Form 2, said the book mainly focuses on unity and love. 

The book, The New Dispensation, the Second Republic, was published by Evolution Publications.

He has written six books including My Life Without Direction, The Lost Generation, Breaking The Codes Of Limitations, The Restoration Gospel and the latest one set to be launched during the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in Bulawayo.

The New Dispensation, the Second Republic is a must read for every Zimbabwean, regardless of political affiliation.  It lays bare differences in the country’s political landscapes.

“President Mnangagwa believes the post Mugabe-era demands an appropriation of new operational tools to navigate the international arena while at the same time striving to provide servant leadership. 

“On the other hand, [MDC Alliance leader, Nelson] Chamisa’s second republic appears to be a mere passing on of a relay baton. In fact, it is defined by the quest of power for power’s sake, it is a simple transition from the old to a new youthful leadership that he calls generational consensus,” said Siziba.

Asked on the circumstances that led him to walk more than 150km to Bulawayo, he said:

“I do not have parents and I do not want to talk about it. All I can say is I used to live in Mberengwa under difficult conditions and I decided to run away in search of education.”

On arrival in Bulawayo he was taken in by well-wishers.

Siziba ended up in Maphisa starting education at the age of 12, doing Grade Six before moving back to Bulawayo for his secondary education at Agape College in Nketa 7, where he is doing Form Six.

“In Bulawayo, I reported my case to the police and was helped by a woman called Alice who provided me with school requirements. Since then I have been receiving help from various organisations like the Founder of Agape International Ministries, Asakhane Global family in Canada  and individuals like Buhle Ncube who is my manager,” he said. Chronicle


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