Thursday, 12 March 2020


The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) plans to collect $1,275 billion this year from tollgates, vehicle licensing, road transit fees, overload fees and fuel levy after the new management plugged revenue leaks.

The money is to be spent on maintaining and extending the road network, with only a modest percentage retained to cover administrative costs.

The new management, which came into office in September last year, has tackled corruption and theft and is using new technologies to promote accountability.

Skyline tollgate along the Harare-Masvingo highway, which was notorious for theft and corruption, was upgraded by the new management, resulting in revenue collection jumping from $251 451 in December 2019 to $2 071 415 in January 2020.

At its 2020-2023 strategic meeting recently, Zinara’s acting finance director Mr Strauss Tembo said the administration had set a target collection of $1 billion.

“Zinara came up with innovative revenue collection strategies at its 2020-2023 strategy formulation session where the target for 2020 was set at $1,275 billion,” said Mr Tembo.

“Major revenue drivers will be pinned on strategic alliances with the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Univern, Vehicle Inspectorate Department and (Harare) City Parking for licensing and toll fees compliance. Further revenue assurance will be buttressed through the introduction of an integrated point-of-sale system at all revenue centres for real time revenue accounting.

“More-so, process transformation strategies will be deployed on transit fees, which will see the ease of doing business encouraging transiting haulage trucks to use the Zimbabwe route. The road administrator has introduced spot checks at tollgates and other revenue halls.”

Mr Tembo said overall revenue collection had increased by 50 percent since September 2019 following radical revenue assurance strategies deployed at tollgates and other revenue centres.

He said they were also ridding the system of corrupt elements. Zinara has removed the familiarity risk at tollgates by rotating staff and dismissing corrupt elements.

It has also restored revenue collection systems that had been vandalised.

Said Mr Tembo: “In order to further improve revenue assurance, Zinara will deploy the services of loss control officers and introduce tip-off anonymous to ensure corruption is nipped in the bud and revenue leaks are plugged.” 

Zinara will be taking steps to stop tendencies by road users to bypass tollgate using side roads. Herald


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