Sunday, 29 March 2020


For many of us this lockdown is a decision between livelihood and health. The challenges we face are real but the threat of ignoring this virus will be catastrophic. It remains our responsibility to provide safety nets and provisions for the vulnerable. Zimbabwe faces twin evils of poverty and Covid-19.Many live from hand to mouth. Hunger might be what kills people first

We are living in difficult times. The entire world is engulfed by a pandemic - COVID19. This disease is real. It does not discriminate. Public health systems across the world, including ours, are overwhelmed. This is why it is important to do everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus.

Given the essential nature of food markets, decentralised and monitored markets which allow informal traders to fend for their families while practicing social distancing and WHO hygiene protocols should be encouraged under the supervision of the assigned officials.

We continue to urge government to assist in ensuring food is reaching the most vulnerable communities. We must consider the existing fragilities of our society.

Those in the private sector that are chipping in to help, please do it for your country. We thank all those in the international community who have supported the people of Zimbabwe. We continue to need more support. I see efforts by fellow citizens fundraising for this great cause. We thank you. Please support these efforts. Every dollar counts.

This is an opportunity for Zimbabweans to UNITE and for all players to come together to provide localised solutions. Zimbabweans do not have to make the impossible choice of whether to stay indoors or feed their families.

We must be good neighbours and good neighbours look after each other.

 Small businesses will also need strong stimulus packages to keep them viable and protect those they employ. There are no winners in times of crisis, there are only men and women who stood firm and sacrificed in the short term for a chance to preserve the future.

Fellow Zimbabweans, this is our opportunity to tackle this virus before it tackles and consume us. Let us stand firm and unite against this global pandemic. It cannot be business as usual. We have to change our ways. We have a duty not just to ourselves but to every person around us. Let us unite and close ranks. It’s not time to play the blame game.Citizens and corporates all hands on deck!

Let us practice basic hygiene. Let's wash our hands regularly.


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