Thursday, 12 March 2020


A 42-year-old Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital worker is prepared to die while saving suspected coronavirus (COVID-19) patients.

Elizabeth Mupamba said this on the sidelines of the tour by Parliamentary Committee on Health and Child Care yesterday to assess preparedness of the institution in dealing with suspected coronavirus patients referred to them.

Mupamba, a domestic attendant at the hospital for the past year, said she is ready to work abnormal hours to save lives.

“I am not ashamed or even scared to be on duty anytime to deal with suspected coronavirus patients,” said Mupamba.

“We were trained better and the information gathered to prevent ourselves and dealing with suspected patients so far is enough for me to fight it.

“If push comes to shove, life comes from God and I am prepared to die while saving lives since death is the final destination where every person is heading to,” she said. H Metro


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