Thursday, 12 March 2020


THE government has banned hospitals from purchasing equipment from companies that do not offer after-sales services, saying it has been incurring high service costs.

Last month, the Senior Hospital Doctors Association blasted government for purchasing
US$600 000 worth of obsolete equipment, which included theatre equipment, incubators and ventilators from an Indian supplier last year.

The doctors said some of the equipment was condemned by the engineers on arrival and that the manufacturer had long discontinued the lines and no longer manufactured spares for repairs.

Health permanent secretary Agnes Mahomva made the remarks yesterday while touring Mpilo Central Hospital, United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) and the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport.

She was part of the delegation which included Health minister Obadiah Moyo, Bulawayo Provincial Affairs minister Judith Ncube and Global Fund executive director Peter Sands.

“We will not be able to sort every problem and issues that you come across. Let us be clear on that, service contractors are there. That does not take away the equipment that has already been bought,” Mahomva said.

“Let us make sure that the equipment we have works, but let us be clear that the new or replaced equipment should have service providers. You (Mpilo) are a procurement unit, you should work with your service providers. They are the ones who then buy the specifications for the equipment and become part of it.

“The challenge you have is now ours because of the equipment that was bought in the past, which have no service contractors. So let us work together to make sure that those machines are functioning.”

She said she was delighted that the power challenges at Mpilo had been sorted out. Mpilo was on Sunday last week plunged into darkness after daring thieves stole power cables. 

“Last week, Mpilo Hospital chief executive officer Leonard Mabhandi came to our offices in Harare speaking about the interruption of power. We are delighted that everything is finally working and that there has been a software upgrade,” Mahomva said. Newsday


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