Wednesday, 19 February 2020


In a development that is set to inspire diaspora-homeland co-operation, a group of Zimbabweans from across the world, have joined hands to rehabilitate roads in the area under Headman Mzilawempi.

The initiative has seen the roads starting from Tengwe River to Mutambarika through Magudhu and starting from Tengwe River to Magudhu through Nyarumwe, being rehabilitated.

Also being rehabilitated is the Magudhu to Mukonori road, measuring 70 kilometres.

As a result of the poor state of the road, travel and trade had been severely affected with people walking or using scotchcarts to cover as much as 30km to the nearest point accessible by truck. 

The worldwide group used the money  they raised to source fuel and to pay the drivers of graders that were availed by Hurungwe Rural District Council through the efforts of the local legislator, Cde Cecil Kashiri.

The initiative, dubbed Pakare Pano, links diasporans with locals and their leadership.

Communication is being done through a WhatsApp group, which is bridging the distance between those who are implementing the project, the local community and those in the diaspora.

United Kingdom-based Mr Stanley Munikwa teamed up with his friends and those who hail from Hurungwe to undertake the project with plans to identify more areas of need.
“I am in the UK and we joined hands together with others who are here and in countries such as South Africa. We were joined by other dedicated people who are in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“We pooled resources and we used the money to buy fuel after which we engaged the local MP, Mr Cecil Kashiri who helped source graders from Hurungwe RDC. We also paid the drivers.”

Rehabilitation of the roads measuring about 30 kilometres are now complete, bringing relief to villagers as some parts were difficult to navigate.

Hurungwe district development coordinator Mr Andrew Tizora said the initiative provided a template for improving communities which should be emulated.

“There is a very noble initiative that is currently underway in Hurungwe, which has seen people in the diaspora combining forces with local people to bring development to their area,” he said.

“They are determined and focused to make an impact in the area under headman Mzilawempi where they come from. Their interactions are development oriented which should provide a template of how others can also help their areas develop.” 

Mr Tizora said the cornerstone of the group’s success has been transparency where all information and acquittals of how funds are used are displayed on the WhatsApp social media platform. Herald


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