Monday, 27 January 2020


Football star, Khama Billiat has been stabbed by his baby mama. The woman, whose name has been withheld to protect the nine-month-old child’s identity, stabbed the Zimbabwean player in his hand using a screwdriver on Monday.

Said the 22-year-old when asked for comment: “Yes, I stabbed him once and it’s a crazy cut. He was so lucky because he’s taller than me. I wanted to teach him a lesson.”

She also summarised the details of the day’s events in her WhatsApp status.

According to the young woman, the drama unfolded when she went to the midfielder’s house in Midrand, Jozi – with thenine-month-old baby in tow – to demand that he buy their child clothes and pay papgeld.

But when she arrived, the security officer at the gated estate refused to grant her access to the footie’s house and told her Billiat wasn’t home, she said.

So, she allegedly waited at the gate for the footie to return home.

The woman said she then decided to head to the cop shop after a while to request a police escort to the house, as the footie was a no-show. The men in blue allegedly agreed to accompany her to the estate. On arrival, the woman said police called Billiat to come back home to deal with an emergency.

According to one of the officers, who wished to remain anonymous, all hell broke loose immediately after Billiat arrived.

Recalled the officer: “He tried to prevent her from placing the child in his car, but she wouldn’t back down.”

It’s believed the footie was seeing the child for the first time.

Added the officer: “After a while, he told the baby mama to get inside the car so they could go shopping for the child.”

But on the way, the footie changed course and drove to Midrand Police Station to ask for help, according to the man in blue.

The officer said Billiat told police he needed protection from her.

This as the footie claimed the woman was harassing him, the cop said.

“He told police he’d neither buy food nor clothes for a child he didn’t know. But the ex-girlfriend disputed this and an argument broke out between them.”

That’s when she stabbed him with a screwdriver. Billiat allegedly refused to open a case against the woman.

But the woman told the SunTeam she wasn’t harassing Billiat.

“I want him to take care of the child. It’s surprising because now he claims the child isn’t his,” she said.

“When he found out I was pregnant, he wanted me to terminate the pregnancy. He said if I did so he’d give me a monthly stipend. Today, he claims the child isn’t his.

“If he’s in doubt, I’m ready for a paternity test, but not from his ‘buddies’.”

Asked for comment, Kaizer Chiefs spokesperson Vina Maphosa said he didn’t have information about Billiat being stabbed.

This as he hadn’t received any medical report from the club’s medical team.

Regarding the drama, Maphosa said: “I won’t comment on a player’s private life.”

Billiat was not available for comment and he also failed to respond to our SMSes and WhatsApp messages. Daily Sun


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