Monday, 23 December 2019


MATABELELAND North Senator Cde Alice Dube yesterday said it is shameful when Zimbabweans kill each other in foreign lands instead of working to improve themselves.

Cde Dube was speaking in Bulawayo’s North End suburb soon after attending a funeral service for South Africa-based Zimbabwean businessman Bheki Ndlovu who was killed in the neighbouring country on December 14.

A convoy with Ndlovu’s body arrived in Bulawayo shortly after 9AM, making a stopover at his home in North End suburb before proceeding to his rural home in Tsholotsho for burial today. 

In an interview, Cde Dube said she learnt with deep shock of Ndlovu’s murder and was pained with circumstances surrounding it. “When we first heard about his death, we thought maybe it was one of those random murders considering the crime rate in the neighbouring country. However, my heart sank when I learnt of how he died. It’s saddening to hear about our children committing crime in the neighbouring country. When they leave here, we expect that they are going there to seek jobs to better their lives. But to hear that they are turning against each other, killing each other, it’s worrying. Why can’t they continue observing the law and respecting the sanctity of humanity as they do while they are here?” asked Cde Dube.

She said it was heart-breaking to see pictures of Ndlovu’s wife Nomazwe with another man, circulating on social media platforms.

Cde Dube said she felt sorry for the Ndlovu family when she started receiving the photos, as she showed the news crew some of them.

“To me Bheki is a son. We watched him as he grew up. I even attended his wedding with his wife. They were my neighbours in Pumula South before they moved to this house. I’m actually shocked to see her pictures while she is cosy with another man. It’s actually surprising to learn that she (Mrs Ndlovu) came with her lawyers and bouncers for the burial of her husband. As we speak, she has already left. What was the point of bringing a lawyer and bouncers here? What was she trying to prove? We have learnt a lot about her in the past few days maybe some of the things his family does not know,” she said. 

Cde Dube described Ndlovu as Tsholotsho’s own humble hero.

“He contributed to the development of Tsholotsho in a very big way. He set up several businesses and supported other businesses here. He was very humble and respected everyone. There is always a negative perception when people speak about omalayitsha (informal cross border transport operators) but he was different. He was respectful to everyone and his death is a huge loss to us. He supported developmental programmes in the community,” said Cde Dube.

Part of the team that were accompanying the hearse wore black T-shirts inscribed “Rest in Peace Bheki” with his photograph. Chronicle


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