Saturday, 21 December 2019


A LANDLORD from Bulawayo has been fined $300 for striking his cop tenant with a brick on the left eye for delaying to pay rent.

John Mugaviri (25) from Emganwini suburb was angry that Mr Brian Makurumure (26), a police officer whose rank was not revealed in court, had delayed paying his house rentals in full and only giving him in dribs and drabs.

The court heard that Mugaviri stormed Mr Makurumure’s bedroom and poked his eyes in anger before striking him with a brick. 

Mr Makurumure sustained serious injuries and was rushed to United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH).

Mugaviri pleaded guilty to a physical abuse charge before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Stephen Ndlovu. The magistrate fined him $300 or 30 days imprisonment.

Prosecuting, Mr Tony Kamudyariwa said Mugaviri committed the offence on December 17 this year.

“The accused person unlawfully physically abused the complainant by poking him with fingers in the eyes and hitting him with a brick on his face thus sustaining some injuries,” he said. 

Mr Makurumure said Mugaviri was drunk when he attacked him.

“I gave the accused person $50 as part of rent for December and went to my bedroom to sleep. Five minutes later, he came to my bedroom and demanded more money. He said he is from Shurugwi and can kill people. The accused person pulled me off the bed by the collar and hit me with a brick,” he said.

The matter was reported to police leading to Mugaviri’s arrest.

Recently, a landlord from Victoria Falls was sentenced to an effective nine months in prison after he struck his tenant’s wife on the forehead with a brick for failing to pay rent in United States (US) dollars.

Bornwell Sibanda (27) of Chinotimba suburb was not happy that Ms Florence Mugobo (23) and her husband Mr Christopher Moyo had failed to pay rent in forex for the month of October.

Sibanda pegged his house rentals in United States dollars and the tenants delayed paying because they couldn’t raise the required money. Chronicle


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