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Every relationship has its honeymoon period where parties involved are blown away by the butterfly feelings that make them go poetic and say unimaginable things. At this stage, nothing else matters, but the world of the two.

The assertion that says at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet aptly sums the honeymoon experience where lovers run short of superlatives to describe and sum up their regard for each other.

Expensive and unique presents and gifts exchange hands as the newly found lovers express their love. It is indeed an Alice in Wonderland experience and you can’t hear, see or say any evil as love gets the better of you.

However, as you settle into the relationship, reality begins to sink in and naysayers and rumour mongers start sowing seeds of despondency and in some instances acrimony creeps in, leading to an outright divorce. Only those who crossed paths by divine appointment survive this stage and continue to soldier on regardless of the highs and lows of their relationship.

Such is the story of Nash Paints, a paint manufacturing and distribution company and sungura musician Alick Macheso.

Their relationship started with the appointment of Macheso as the brand ambassador of Nash Paints in February 2014.

Nash Paints then was already making headway into the paint manufacturing and distribution sector with competitors beginning to feel the heat as the Tinashe Mutarisi-led company’s disruptive innovation brought headaches to known gladiators in the sector.

“We came into the paint manufacturing and distribution sector clear of our goals and aspirations and in as much as we were at the mercy of those that were already controlling the market; we knew we would change the game,” Mutarisi told Standard Style.

“Our thrust was calculated growth and from the time we opened our doors to the public to the time we engaged Macheso as our brand ambassador, we were sure that as the sun rose and set by day end, our big break would come.”

As fate would have it, both Nash Paints and Macheso have a known dalliance with Chitungwiza — Nash Paints having started its operations at Guzha business centre (Chikwanha), while Macheso and his Orchestra Mberikwazvo outfit calls the dormitory town their home and even have their offices at Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex.

When the two brands came together with Macheso being unveiled as the brand ambassador on that day at a local hotel in Harare, Mutarisi reckons it was all systems go.

“Macheso becoming our brand ambassador was the master stroke and that coupled with our team of creative and marketing geniuses helped propel our brand forward and looking back we can’t help but marvel at our strides,” he said.

“Macheso has his way with the people and with Nash Paints products designed to cater for all spheres from the haves to the have-nots, we easily managed to garner effective market penetration.

“We were embraced by all as we continued reinventing ourselves in tune with obtaining trends. New product lines were introduced and recognition came in droves while our award cabinet was filled to the brim.”

The paint company’s relationship with Macheso didn’t falter either as various freebies were accorded to the musician. These include painting of his properties in Harare and support towards the mega launch of his 2016 album Tsoka Dzerwendo.

“Our relationship with Macheso has always remained professional and the two brands maintain mutual respect for each other,” Mutarisi said.

“We have weathered the storm and we remain encouraged by the strides and recognition that come our way.

“Nash Paints has become a force to reckon with in business and Macheso has demonstrated great artistic skill that cuts across genres.” .

While the formal relationship between Nash Paints and Macheso came to an end around 2017, they informally continued to enjoy cordial relations and mutual respect for each other given the milestones they have attained working together directly and indirectly.

Being an innovative brand, Nash Paints has in various instances roped in a pool of other social influencers to help push their products, new and old alike with names like Lorraine Guyo of the Ndinyengeiwo fame, Madam Boss, Jah Prayzah, Ex-Q and various other DJs and musicians coming into the picture.

While this move would pass for normal business prudence to capture various market segments, it drew the ire of Macheso loyalists and critics who felt Nash Paints engaging an artiste other than Macheso was a smack in the face to the sungura giant given his place in the paint company’s story.

“We have had to deal with a lot of brickbats from genuine fans and critics, who failed to appreciate that engaging any other artiste or social influencer for a commercial, performance or endorsement of our products does not in any way demean or ridicule Macheso’s role in advancing the Nash Paints brand,” Mutarisi said.

“Macheso played a big role in our story and in the development of the arts sector in general and being a brand that values other social and economic facets around us, we continue to hold him in high esteem, but that doesn’t imply we cannot engage and support other artistes too.”

Nash Paints recently confirmed its high regard for Macheso after handing him a cheque of $200 000 plus a full bedroom suite courtesy of its subsidiary Nash Furnishers during the launch event for its newest paint range Carvello.

Mutarisi said honouring Macheso during the launch of the globally acclaimed Carvello paint range was a demonstration of their respect and regard for the musician’s contribution to their story.

“Players come and go, but Macheso remains one us,” Mutarisi said.

“The small gesture we accorded him was to say we respect our strides together and even as we continue to grow we don’t forget where we come from.” Standard


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