Saturday, 23 November 2019


Three Harare City council employees who allegedly awarded tenders to supply goods and services to companies they have links with were arrested on Friday by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC).

The trio — Resline Biza (49), Terence Mhereyenyoka (47) and Nhamo Gavhu — yesterday appeared separately before Harare magistrate Mr Josiah Mujaya facing corruption charges.

They were not asked to plead and magistrate Mujaya granted Biza and Mhereyenyoka $400 bail each while Gavhu was asked to pay $500. 

They are all expected to be back in court on December 9. According to State papers, Biza used a company — Sales Arena — which she is alleged to have an interest in to raise an order to supply a tent to the local authority.

“Accused awarded the contract to her company Sales Arena which supplied a tent worth US$9 000 without going through competitive bidding with three or more companies, thereby deceiving her principal, Harare City Council,” read the case outline.

The court papers also show that Mhereyenyoka faced one count of doctoring a company registration document which he used to supply the local authority a spray gun and Chalkline worth US$5 700.

“The accused carried out a transaction in connection with his principals’ affairs without disclosing to the principal that he held a personal interest in the subject matter of the transactions,” read Mherenyenyoka’s charge sheet in part. 

It is further alleged that Gavhu, who faces five counts of corruption, used false documents to defraud Harare City Council.

“Sometime in January 2017 Harare City Council invited quotations for the purchase of rope lights. The accused unlawfully and intentionally used a document containing false statements … to raise fake quotations purporting them to be from Lighting World Msasa and Powerspeed Electrical.

“The accused inflated prices for the purported two competing companies for them to appear undesirable compared to his company of choice, Alichia (Pvt) Ltd, giving it unfair advantage to win the bid and supplied the rope lights worth US$10 000 without going through competitive bidding, thereby deceiving his principals.”

Gavhu is alleged to have used the same modus operandi on four other separate occasions.

In granting bail, magistrate Mr Majaya ordered the trio to reside at their given addresses, surrender passports and not to interfere with State witnesses. Sunday Mail


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