Saturday, 2 November 2019


The recent events in our country have left me greatly disappointed with regards to the conduct of our members of Parliament specifically the young parliamentarians. The country’s law makers travelled all the way to Victoria Falls for the 2019 Pre-Budget seminar which will take them close to a week staying there.

Regardless of how important this gathering could have been with in line with the future governance of this country, the cost involved defies lucidity. At a time when the country is grappling with severe life threatening problems, it cannot be logically justified on why people would opt for a destination both far and costly like Victoria Falls.

We have so many places that this parliament business could have taken place in a manner that would save the national purse. The savings could have otherwise been channeled towards other pressing national concerns that require a quick redress. We are at a time were our Teachers and Doctors are surviving from hand to mouth attributed to poor remuneration. In tertiary institutions, students have against their will been turned into vegetarians due to the scarcity of meat and food in general. We can go on and on listing the problems bedeviling our nation which require urgent attention and the certainly the resources being splashed in Victoria Falls could have gone a long way in addressing some of them in the interim.

This is not the model of the Zimbabwe we deserve; we envision a Zimbabwe which is premised on logical prioritization of matters. The expectation is that the young people of Zimbabwe be the champions in configuring a new Zimbabwe where the people’s interests are central to any effort. The youthful MPs must be exemplary and remain clear to the cause of abstaining from being part of a group of people who continue front ill priorities in the face of an ailing economy.

It is my sincere hope that all the youthful MPs will realise that this is not our struggle as a generation, let other generations pursue this selfishness if it suits them well. Our struggle must be guided by profound compassion and this entails that it is a taboo to be part of some avoidable festivities when the masses of Zimbabwe are suffering.

In solidarity with the downtrodden and suffering masses of Zimbabwe.

Obey “Luther” Sithole
MDC Youth Chairperson


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