Wednesday, 13 November 2019


A HERD-BOY is at loggerheads with his baby-mama over the paternity of their child following the woman’s indecisiveness on whom to pinpoint as the biological father of the four-year-old child.

All this was revealed on Wednesday when Vimbai Mupikata approached the courts seeking for maintenance for her one minor child whom she claimed to have sired with Abisha Muwandi. The couple appeared before Mutare magistrate Miss Prisca Tendai Manhibi on Wednesday.

She told the court that she has been married to Muwandi but had left her marriage because of several misunderstandings in 2017.

Muwandi, however, denied fathering the child and told the court that Mupikata was in the habit of telling him that the child was not his whenever she got angry, therefore planting doubts in his mind on the paternity of the child.
“She changes the goalposts every time Your Worship. When she left home the last time, she claimed that the child was not mine and that she was going to the rightful father and now she wants me to believe that the child is mine? She should stick to one truth and not change her mind willy-nilly because, as we speak, I believe that the child in question is not mine,” he told the court.

He furher said Mupikata left in 2017, with her child claiming that she was taking the child to her father.

“I was shocked when I received the summons Your Worship. We were happily married when she suddenly packed her bags and left after telling me that the child was not mine and that she was going to the real father. How then am I supposed to believe that the child who was not mine last year, is now mine?,” he asked the court, stating clearly that he would not pay the maintenance.

Mupikata, however, swore that the child was Muwandi’s and denied ever uttering the words that the child was not his. 

“The child is yours and you will maintain her. Why did you sleep with me without protection if you did not want a child with me? We should go for DNA tests if you doubt me,” said the visibly angry Mupikata.

The court ordered the pair to go for DNA tests and adjourned the matter to a later date for the maintenance matter ruling.

“You cannot be going around having unprotected sex and coming here telling us that you cannot afford to look after your child,” said Miss Manhibi. Manica Post


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