Tuesday, 26 November 2019


THE recent upgrade in Ecocash mobile money system has been described as a downgrade in reality as many a customer has been left stranded with transactions failing to complete in time.

As such they are spending considerable time at Econet shops and banks trying to rectify the anomalies.

In a survey by H-Metro in various Econet shops, workers who queued for service expressed dismay over the inconveniences caused in waiting for long hours. 

Gilbert Chibaya who said he is into buying and selling in the CBD implored service providers to put in place swift measures to serve customers efficiently.

“I do buying and selling for different people but it is now hard to continue working because I have to get money in order to buy the materials needed by the customers. 

“The wallet to bank transaction is not available. I don’t know whether this is an upgrade or a downgrade.

“Our money is just hanging somewhere. I paid ZW$370 last Wednesday but it hasn’t been reversed yet,” said Chibaya.

Edson Mlambo, a local supermarket till operator queuing at First Street Econet shop said he had to come for the second day in order to get his ‘failed transaction’ resolved. 

“We are getting to work late because of these queues, at the same time we are urgently needed at work,” he said. 

One woman speaking on condition of anonymity added said she had taken an off day to deal with failed transactions issue.

“We are spending several hours in these queues and I’ve taken a day off from work to make sure things are in order because I do not have money for transport to get children to school.

“Our children have to write exams but they miss out since there is no cash available”.

Another customer Nyasha Maseko bemoaned Ecocash as mode of payment saying some entities were only demanding cash.

“It is no longer a mode of payment some people are not accepting EcoCash they are afraid that the money might fail.”

Amos Mbewe, a machine operator at a tobacco company in Graniteside area said he was frustrated that he had to wait for long hours attending to Ecocash failed transaction at the time she should be at work.

“I have to visit my sister who is in Zambia and go to work at the same time but I can’t because I don’t have the money.
“It’s painful that this is happening and how can we balance work and family issues while at the same time our bosses need us at work to intensify production since our bonuses are production based,” he said.

A security officer, Mai Maphosa queuing at a local bank in the Central Business District (CBD) said she had to wake up very early to get served early.

“I’m waking up very early to be the first in line to get my money and go to work in time.

“I’m on the night shift night. I have to come and wait in these queues so that I get food and pay rent for my family.”

A 60-year-old man Sekuru Banda at CABS along Jason Moyo Street said he was weary after waking up around 4am to be among the first in the queue.

“We wake early hours at around 4am and wait for another four hours until 8am the opening time.
“The service is very slow as people are spending seven to eight minutes at the ATM. We have to let bosses know that we are going to the banks on that particular day.

“It is taking more than four days to get our money reversed,” he said. Tafadzwa Ncube, another customer, said he is failing to get his salary because of Ecocash challenges.

“My salary was sent to into my EcoCash account last week but now my salary has been hanging has not yet reflected into my account.

“I am being forced to take a day off at work in order to wait in a long queue for my transaction to be resolved.” H Metro


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