Monday, 4 November 2019


Popular wheel-spinner, Dj Stavo born Steven Sanders, has been dragged to court to answer to an interpleader application after the Sherriff attached property worth US$30 245 belonging to an allegedly wrong tenant.

According to the application, the disc jockey obtained a writ of execution on January 29 against Maeka Jewellery Company before instructing the Sherriff to attach the firm’s movable property.

Allegations are that instead of seizing the jewellery company’s property, the Sherriff on September 25 allegedly discharged its duties on Isis Network (PVT) Limited who had moved into the same premises that housed the former. 

Now, Isis Network is claiming back all the property including eight boardroom chairs, two office chairs, two office desks, two leather chairs, four piece leather sofa and a double door and Samsung fridge among others.

“The said goods do not belong to the judgment debtor (Maeka Jewellery Company) but to myself.

“I bought the goods through an auction from Capital Auctioneers. I confirm that Isis Network (Pvt) Ltd is not related or colluding with the judgment debtor (Maeka Jewellery),” wrote Isis Network boss, Thomas Matatari.

Matatari added; “I am a tenant at number 145 Borrowdale Road, Gunhill, Harare through a lease agreement that I entered into between claimant and Realty Genius real estate agents.

“The Claimant is just a tenant at the premises that were occupied by the judgment debtor and we just discovered that the judgment creditor just directed the Sherriff of High Court to come and attach goods at our premises simply because the same premises were once occupied by the judgment debtor.”

The Sherriff also said he had only discharged his duties and had no interest in the subject matter in dispute.

“I do not collude with either party. I am willing to deal or act in regard to the subject matter of the dispute as the Honorable Court may direct.

“The Claimant (Isis Network) is claiming all the property which appears on the Notice of Seizure and Attachments,” said the Sherriff.

According to the application, the Sherriff wants the Isis Network’s claim to all property placed under attachment to be granted. 

The matter is pending decision by the court. H Metro


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