Monday, 25 November 2019


SIXTEEN bouncers allegedly brutally attacked a Ballantine Park woman in a row over a house.

The incident, which took place at house 3 Cyward Close, left Priscilla Chigariro Gessen, 38, nursing injuries.

Priscilla is married to Allen Gessen, 44, a Russian national and the two are having marital problems with the latter allegedly wanting to sell the Ballantine Park house. 

The 16 bouncers are reported to have assaulted Priscilla, her minor child and two men at the house ordering them to vacate the house.

She narrated her ordeal saying she suspected her husband of engineering the heinous act.

“My husband must be the one who is behind this because he left me in Russia and visited the country to change documents for this house behind my back. 

“He refused to accompany me to get a birth certificate for our daughter so that I would not be allowed to leave that country without travel documents for the new born child.

“I then learnt that he had changed the ownership documents for this house leaving out my name and was about to sell it behind my back.

“This is the reason I came here quickly after taking my issue to the registrar in Russia to help in applying for our child’s birth certificate.

“Gessen took our first child to United States of America where he is staying with the son and he wants me to lose this house through his local lawyers,” Priscilla said.

She said her assailants came in two trucks. “Sixteen bouncers came here aboard two trucks and attacked us and they did not spare my one-year-old child and also went on to attack my relatives.

“They ordered us to leave the place or face further attacks and threatened us with unspecified action if we do not obey their orders.

“My life is in danger and these bouncers are baying for my blood because they were paid money to help Gessen fight me,” said Chigariro.

The other two relatives said the bouncers were bragging that they are well connected and would never taste prison after bashing them.

“They wanted to kill us to please their paymaster by assaulting everyone who was here and one of us jumped over the precast wall into a nearby embassy where he nearly got arrested,” said one of the victims.

Police confirmed the incident saying two people had since been arrested in connection with assaulting the woman.

Harare Provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Webster Dzvova said the two were being held at Highlands police station and are expected to appear in court today.

Ass Insp Dzvova said Alwis Chitaura, 40, of Glen Norah and Justin Ndlovu, 19, of Mayambara had been arrested in connection with the matter. 

He urged people to engage police rather than putting the law into their own hands in resolving issues.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm the arrest of two men for assault. Investigations have begun and the two are expected to appear in court tomorrow (today).

“As police we urge members of the public to engage police or their elders than putting the law into their own hands.

“Police will not hesitate to arrest anyone found on the wrong side of the law without fear or favour,” said Ass Insp Dzvova.

When H-Metro arrived at the scene, Priscilla had engaged the services of an armed security guard and two bouncers to protect her from further beatings. H Metro


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