Wednesday, 16 October 2019


MASSAGE parlours have become the new business in Harare’s suburbs. The capital’s middle and low density suburbs have been flooded with massage spas who are offering a range of services.

One of the masseuses, Rumbidzai Mauto, who operates in Harare and around the country, opened up to H-Metro to share what she encounters in her line of business.

She said while they try to stick to the rules of the profession, most men visit massage parlours looking for sex.  Mauto, who brags to have magical hands, told H-Metro that she has created a big clientele and once contemplated quitting as men continue pestering her for her services.

“I would say it’s one of the most difficult jobs because you are exposed to different clients with different intentions.

“I usually deal with male clients with different desires which sometimes makes your job complicated,” said Mauto.

 She said masseuses are exposed to abuses since other men end up inviting them for travels and it only takes the brave to survive.

“I think it’s because I am good at what I do, most of the clients request for my contacts after the services and sometimes ask me to come to their places.

“That, however, exposes me a lot and you need to be brave to survive,” she said.The masseuses revealed that most of her clients are married men but they continue coming because of her privacy.

She has also attended female clients and enjoys doing it too.

“As I said earlier, massages are for therapy and just to remove stress but that is not the intent of every potential client.

“Most of the clients are married men but they keep coming because of my conduct. They know that they are safe and will never be exposed. Women also come and its part of the job, you have to enjoy it,” she said, adding “I have read of stories of some people blasting those who offer extras to clients during massages, sometimes it’s not their fault. It is the clients that request it and you only need to be bold to stop them but I’m sure it’s difficult,” she said.

Mauto said she is currently working for a professional massage parlour, Sweetie Parlour, located in Glen Lorne.

She said they also host pool parties at their place as they try to bring variety to their clients.

“In as much I deal with difficult men, I don’t quit because I love it. So far I operate in Glen Lorne. We also host pool parties which are open to everyone,” she said. H Metro


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