Thursday, 31 October 2019


Kwekwe Primary School’s headmaster is in the eye of a storm following allegations he forced the school matron to divorce her husband.

Joseph Machingura reportedly forced Tracy Dzapasi, who had recently been promoted from the laundry department to become the school matron, to divorce her husband of more than 10 years if she wanted to keep her job.

As a result, Dzapasi left her husband, Courage Ncube, together with their two children. According to sources close to the happenings, all hell broke loose when Dzapasi was promoted from the laundry department to assume the position of matron.

“From that time she was ordered not to go to her home and stay at school. The husband was also barred from entering the school premises and this did not go down well with him. He approached the school authorities seeking clarity on why she was no longer allowed to come home,” said the source.

The source further revealed that at one time Ncube became violent after he suspected that his wife was having an affair with one of the staff members.

“He became violent after he saw some messages in his wife’s phone indicating that she was seeing some staff member. It later turned out the man was a close friend to the school head,” he said. 

This led to the head advising the woman to seek a peace order from the courts barring the husband from accessing the school premises, literally dismantling the marriage.

Reached for comment, Ncube declined comment saying he was trying to fix his marriage.

“My friend the issue is still hot, I am not comfortable to comment right now but what I can say is I am doing all I can to try and make sure my wife comes back hone. Things are not well with me and the kids. I still love my wife,” said Ncube.

Dzapasi was not reachable.

A school development committee member said Dzapasi had been accused of misdemeanour at the school and that she was not a popular figure. The parent ruled out the possibility of a relationship between Machingura and Dzapasi.

“If anything it could be his friend a police officer who frequents the school from time to time but as for him I doubt. He is not the type,” said the parent. 

It is alleged that Dzapasi was accused of stealing school property and no legal action was taken against her.

Contacted for comment, Machingura sprang to Dzapasi’s defence.

“We are in the process of talking to her so that we get to the bottom of the matter. But all that is being said about her is false, it’s out of hatred, she is not like that,” said Machingura.

Asked if he had fired her, Machingura said she was going through a disciplinary hearing which would determine her fate.

He also confirmed holding a meeting with the family saying the situation was getting out hand.

“Surely I can’t fold my hands and let someone come here to cause chaos. I had to take action. I therefore called for a meeting trying to hear what the problem was,” said Machingura. B Metro


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