Sunday, 13 October 2019


A HWANGE man will rue the day he courted the temper of his girlfriend’s mother whom he had allegedly made sexual moves on after she “baptised” him with hot water.

Tinashe Chipuriro is said to have irked his future mother-in-law, Mavis Ngwenya after he allegedly told her he could not go back home without having her daughter before suggesting that she could take her place.

Ngwenya (41) appeared before Hwange provincial magistrate, Mr Gift Ntando Dube facing an assault charge. She was convicted on her own plea of guilty and sentenced to perform 105 hours of community service at No 1 Clinic.
Ngwenya told the court that she was provoked by Chipuriro who seemed to suggest that they have sex together arguing that the cup of hot water was the only weapon available to “discipline” him for disrespect.

The court heard that on 18 August 2019 at around 7pm, Chipuriro proceeded to F24C in Lwendulu to visit his girlfriend who is Ngwenya’s daughter. He arrived and knocked on the door before Ngwenya who attended him told him her daughter was not around. However, Chipuriro continued standing at the door making some noise which infuriated Ngwenya.

She came out armed with a cup of boiling water which she poured on his back. Fearing the worst, Chipuriro fled the place before making a police report. He, however, did not seek medical attention resulting in difficulties in knowing the extent of his injuries from a medical point of view. Mr John Mutyakaviri appeared for the State. Sunday News


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