Saturday, 28 September 2019


Buhera Ward 25 councillor John Mangezi suffered swollen testicles after a village head pulled his manhood for allegedly discriminating against MDC Alliance supporters in food aid distribution.

Mangezi reported the matter and village head Liberty Masvingise has since appeared in court charged with assault.

Magistrate Gylmax Kuhudzai was told that on July 10, 2019 Masvingise approached Mangezi who was distributing social welfare food and told him that the allocation for his village was not enough. He accused the councillor of abusing his political power and sidelining people that he perceived to be opposition by either giving them little or no food at all.

The agitated Masvingise then got hold of the complainant’s trousers buckle, sneaked one of his hands beneath the underpants and pulled the contents in front of villagers who had gathered to get their food allocations at Matsetsa DDF Camp under Chief Nyashanu.

The complainant was saved by villagers who ran to his rescue. The court was told that Mangezi suffered a swollen right scrotal. The councillor is said to be in the habit of sidelining villagers who are not ZANU PF supporters.

Masvingise who is under Chief Nyashanu denied the allegations and said instead it was Mangezi who bit his hands. He said Mangezi bit him after he pestered him over food.
The village head told the court that the councillor accused him of being an MDC Alliance supporter before biting his hands.

The two briefly haggled over food distribution books before the situation turned nasty.
Witness Hamudi who represented the State said on July 10 at around 10am the complainant was doing his routine duty of allocating maize to villagers. While he was doing that the village head approached him and complained that his village’s allocation was not enough and the allocations were unfair.

The complainant tried to explain that the allocations had not beenincreased but the accused did not listen. The accused then got hold of the complainant’s trousers buckle and attacked him.

The matter was postponed to September 30, 2019 for continuation of trial. Masvingo Mirror


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