Saturday, 28 September 2019


A Forward in God church pastor (name withheld to protect the victim), who is also a teacher at Faith in Action School, has been jailed for an effective 12 years in prison for sodomising a six-year-old from his neighbourhood.

The sentence was passed on Tuesday this week. Harare magistrate Mrs Jessie Kufa initially jailed Prosper Kamuchira for 17 years before suspending five years on condition he does not commit the same offence in the next five years.

In mitigation, he told the court that he is a family man who also takes care of his sick mother. He told the court that he is a teacher and a pastor and his incarceration will adversely affect his professions.

Mrs Kufa however convicted Kamuchira due to overwhelming evidence.

Prosecutor Mr Panganai Chiutsi had implored the court to convict Kamuchira on the basis that his victim had proved that he had been sodomised using anatomical correct dolls.

“The court should consider that the evidence of the minor was credible and believable despite the fact that he is a child,” he said.

“The minor was able to stand intense cross examination as Kamuchira tried by all means to use different techniques and dimension to confuse him during cross examination,” he said.

He also asked the court to consider the 27 year age difference between Kamuchira and the minor.

“There is an age difference of 27 years between the two and the court should consider the physical and psychological trauma that the minor is experiencing,” he said.

In passing a sentence Harare magistrate Mrs Jessie Kufa said the doctor confirmed that Kamuchira used brutal force when committing the offence resulting in the victim developing a disorder.

“The minor now has a disorder, he always soils himself and we do not know if this is going to stop,’’ she said.

She also indicated that there had been a serious breach of trust as the minor continued addressing Kamuchira as sir even during trial commencement.

The court heard that Kamuchira lured the minor to his house and sodomised him on several occasions.

The matter came to light after the minor started experiencing difficulties in relieving himself leading to his mother quizzing him.

He then told her about his ordeal leading to Kamuchira’s arrest.

Mrs Kufa said a lengthy custodial sentence was justifiable given the gravity of the offence and the trauma that the victim was subjected to. Herald


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