Friday, 6 September 2019


Grace Mugabe covered her face as she left a funeral parlour in Singapore today following the death of her husband who passed away aged 95.

Grace was dressed in black with a blue shawl covering her head. The widow is hugely unpopular back in her homeland, and is accused of stealing vast sums of the nation's wealth.

In Singapore she has been known to hit the designer stores of Orchard Road and further deplete her country's finances.

Today, the grieving widow kept her profile low as she slipped out of Gleaneagle's Hospital after her husband passed away at 10.40am.

Later the family, including Mugabe's daughter and a woman believed to be Grace's sister, attended the chapel of rest funeral parlour Singapore Casket to pay their respects.

One onlooker said: 'She is best known in this country for showing off her designer clothes and been seen in the best shops.

'It was all different for today, but I was surprised that she hid her face. Maybe the pain is too much for her she just doesn't want to share it.” Daily Mail


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