Friday, 30 August 2019


A CHAPLAIN based at Nkulumane Police PHQ in Bulawayo allegedly tried to entice a married woman into a sexual relationship by sending an image of his male organ to her.

This was after Constable Valiance Mlotshwa had approached the man of cloth, Assistant Inspector Elias Ndlovu, for counselling since her marriage with Constable Stephen Chada was on the brink of collapse.

However, the man of cloth, who is a respected figure as he is regarded as a pastor, took advantage of Mlotshwa’s sour romance with Chada and allegedly started to propose love. 

In WhatsApp  messages,  Ndlovu took his  sexual cravings  a gear up as he asked for Mlotshwa’s  nude picture.

Mlotshwa said: “I don’t have the pictures dear, my phone crushed.”

After several exchanges of chats, Ndlovu says: “Gaya sengin**** ngobuhle bakho (Your beauty has aroused me).”

Mlotshwa laughs it off saying: “But for the why Chaplain nhai. Interesting to realise that you are already horny.” 

Ndovu did not stop there as it seems his sexual cravings had taken toll on him and he asked: “Was your husband sexually satisfying you?”

After which, he passionately  begs to send his male organ to  Mlotshwa who responded saying: “Yes, he was satisfying me in bed. If it’s less than 8cm do not send it and I wanna compare with of my hubby (sic).”

Clouded by sexual urge Ndlovu captured his male organ and sent it to Mlotshwa. After which he asked  Mlotshwa to send her private parts  but she declined.

“I told you that my phone crushed,” responded Mlotshwa.

Determined to view Mlotshwa’s flesh, Ndlovu sent her his passport size picture before asking for a picture from her.

“I have just sent my passport size picture which is not nice but kindly send your picture, I want to  see how beautiful you are,” said  Ndlovu. 

After her marriage collapsed Mlotshwa asked Ndlovu to facilitate a transfer.

“I have talked to the boss and  he will help you. So what are you going to pay me with (sic),” asked Ndlovu.

Mlotshwa said she would pay with a bucket of fish but Ndlovu said: “Angizithandi inhlanzi  ngifuna  okumnandi (I don’t  like  fish . . . I want something nice).

Mlotshwa then launched a fierce attack on Ndlovu: “You call yourself man of God while you are this wicked. Instead of helping people with counselling services and solving their marriages you hit on their wives.”

Contacted for a comment Asst Insp Ndlovu who was cagey said: “I don’t know anything about that. You know people fabricate stories, uxolo, just ignore the story.”

Chada was not reachable. Mlotshwa said: “I’m not allowed to talk to the media.” She then terminated the call. B Metro


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