Monday, 1 July 2019


A man was violently beaten in the casualty waiting area of South Rand hospital in Johannesburg on Saturday, allegedly by "thugs" who wanted to "finish him off".

A video of the incident was shared on social media on Sunday.

The footage shows a man who is seemingly injured lying on a  bench in the casualty waiting area at the state medical facility, south of Johannesburg.

Three men are seen arguing with medical personnel through a security gate. One of the men pulls the injured man from the bench and starts kicking him. The two others join in, kicking the man who is on the floor.

"Leave him alone," a staff member shouts through the gates.

Blood spots are evident on the floor as the men drag the injured man to a safety gate. The attackers then leave the hospital. 

"This is so wrong, where are the police? Where are the security guards?" a staff member asks. A second staff member is heard saying: "Gone, all of them. They ran away."


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