Monday, 10 June 2019


ALICK Macheso, who turns 51 today, was a gambler, a bully and troublesome pupil, a former classmate has said.

His childhood friend and classmate Karungo Gwaripo opened up about Macheso’s past last week at Enterprise Primary School in Shamva where the singer is set to build an Early Childhood Development (ECD) classroom block as part of giving back to his former school.

Karungo, who is still in touch with Macheso, said they don’t regret their past saying it was part of growing up.

“I was in the same class with Macheso in grade four and the two of us were naughty and bullies who spent most of our school time doing punishment.

“We planted most of the trees that you see here as we performed our punishment and the late headmaster Mr Mukubvu would give us corporal punishment but we remained hotheads despite his efforts,” he said

Karungo said he was confident his friend would become a top musician as he used to entertain pupils during break time. 

“Macheso would bring his home-made banjo which he used to hide on the banks of Mutete River and he would then bring the guitar during break time where he used to entertain us.

“We would come late for lessons after break as we watched Macheso performing before a group of students and he would get punished for bringing the guitar to school.

“I’m proud of Macheso’s wayward behaviour then because we managed to contribute something to the school meaningfully by planting most of the trees you see in this schoolyard.

“Each time I come here and see these trees, I’m reminded of the past and to me it’s a triumph in disguise because we have left a legacy to be cherished for years here,” he said.

The 53-year-old said they were also naughty to the extent that their late headmaster almost gave up on them. 

“We used to be gamblers and we also smoked chimonera and our headmaster and teachers almost gave up on us.

“Macheso and I would bring cigarettes that we used to hide near the river banks but one of our teachers Mr Mashayamombe caught us smoking and gave us a thrashing and we quit school together with Macheso.

“When we quit school after being severely beaten, Macheso went to Harare and I remained at the surrounding farms doing menial jobs,” he said.

Karungo also praised Macheso for remembering his roots as the singer is set to build a classroom block with the help of Enhanced Mortgaging and Housing Africa (EMHA) where he is a brand ambassador.

EMH representatives attended the event where they pledged to build a classroom block as part of Macheso’s request.

The offer was also part of celebrating Macheso’s 51st birthday. H Metro


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