Saturday, 29 June 2019


We must all remember once maverick Munyaradzi Kereke from the land of stinking beetles, Bikita. The man, an epitome of arrogance and mischief, was finally thrown behind the bars in 2016 for rape. The courts gave him 14 good years to reform at the hands of the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services. 

Could it be that the creepy-crawlies and scoots (harurwa) are an aphrodisiac? We are told, Kereke impregnated his younger wife from prison. This had caused chaos and commotion, hearing and firings in the service. We are told, using the money his deals provided before incarceration, the bearded man was favoured with venue and time to access the forbidden fruit, behind bars. To his ancestors be the glory! We hear Kareke has now been transferred from Chikurubi Maximum Prison to Harare Prison, to pave way for more investigations.

When you are fluid, you can literary do anything. We are told Kereke had an office in prison. Now guys, who does that in Zimbabwean prisons? Can it only be Kereke?

But you see, he is not alone. Robert Martin Gumbura, the great polygamists our out time, is also said to have been favoured with the fruit too, each time one of his wives visited. 

They say Kereke and Gumbura are worshipped in prison. They are the gods of our prisons. We hope our dear Cde Paradzai Zimondi is able to account for what is happening in his backyard. Time, they say, is a great teacher. Herald Column


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