Tuesday, 25 June 2019


MDC Alliance leader, Mr Nelson Chamisa, has fired 145 party employees recruited by the party’s founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai as sharp divisions have emerged in the Western-funded party.

Mr Chamisa, who appointed his national executive committee members last week, has already started purging workers without giving them notice.

It is said the mistrust has been heightened by clashes in the election of provincial executive members and the recent selection of national executive council members with allegations of factionalism being the order of the day. 

Insiders said that things were not well in the party because of  a number of hanging issues.

A source privy to the latest development in the beleaguered opposition party said those affected served in Tsvangirai and former secretary general, Douglas Mwonzora’s offices.

“It’s true, roughly 130 to 145 employees were dismissed. The security personnel, directors, coordinators and office orderly seconded by the former, Prime Minister Tsvangirai, were fired with immediate effect,” said the source.

 “Purging of workers started on Friday last week and some received their dismissal letters today.  All those who were seconded to former secretary general Mwonzora’s office were kicked-out without notice.” 

The source said those who have been fired have already been replaced with immediate effect.

“They have been already replaced. Chamisa has already seconded his cronies to take up the positions of those dismissed from office,” said the source.

One of the longest serving members in the party who spoke on condition of anonymity said the leadership should consider their plight.

“The MDC-A claims to be a labour party, which represents the welfare of workers yet they dismissed their employees without notice.

“How can Chamisa claim to return the party to its original strength by integrating members, while dismissing party workers who served the party since its formation,” he said.

One of the affected workers said they were yet to receive their packages and their salary arrears. 

“We did not receive our packages and salary arrears as promised. We hope miracles might happen so that we can get our packages and outstanding arrears.

“I reported for duty today only to realise my office was already occupied by new staff members,” said one of the affected employees.

The party’s deputy secretary for information and publicity Luke Tamborinyoka said MDC-A is realigning its operations.

“It’s not like a witch hunt on certain individuals, as you might want to report it but we want to keep a lean workforce.

“Like any other corporate we are facing economic hardships. It’s actually a voluntary retrenchment, the workers are going to be given a package, but I can’t give you the amount,” said Tamborinyoka.

MDC-A secretary general, Charlton Hwende, confirmed the development.

“It’s an internal process. We can’t give you much details. We will give you the details at the right time or call me after ten minutes for more information,” said Hwende. Herald


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