Friday, 10 May 2019


Proceeding at Kwekwe Magistrates courts briefly came to a halt yesterday after an accused person collapsed just before sentencing.

Portipha Musiiwa (49) and his son, who were facing charges of assaulting a man who was fixing their car, collapsed after magistrate, Mr Storey Rushambwa started reading out judgment, sending the gallery into panic.

Mr Rushambwa had to stop proceedings to allow prison officers and good samaritans to carry Mr Musiiwa outside the gallery to render First Aid. Court proceeding continued an hour later and Mr Rushambwa sentenced them to 3 months in prison each, which he wholly suspended on condition they do not commit a similar offence within the next four years.

The two then beat up Mr Ndiwoneyi accusing him of taking his time to repair their damaged vehicle. Musiiwa later took an iron bar which he used to strike the complainant once on the back of the head, shoulder and right hand. 

Talent also kicked the complainant on the nose causing him to bleed. The complainant was later taken to Kwekwe Provincial Hospital where he was treated and discharged. Herald


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