Monday, 29 April 2019


After having her handbag snatched by a man with a knife, a woman decided she wouldn't be a victim and snatched it back.

CCTV footage captured the young woman being robbed of her handbag in the late afternoon in Parkview, Johannesburg, on Wednesday. However, after the robber tried to speed away on his motorbike, the woman ran after him and grabbed her bag from the motorbike’s storage compartment. 

The woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, said she had just climbed out of an Uber and was waiting outside her sister’s home when a man pulled up on a motorbike. He ran towards her, wielding a switchblade, and demanded her phone.

The man kept his helmet on to conceal his identity. He snatched the woman’s bag before returning to his bike and placing it in the rear storage box. 

After a moment’s hesitation, the woman chased him and, at the last possible moment, grabbed the bag before running in the opposite direction.


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