Sunday, 14 April 2019


A SERVICE level benchmarking peer review report by the Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe, (Ucaz) has revealed that 47 percent of Gweru City Council’s management team is not qualified for their positions.

Presenting the findings, review team member, Mutare City Engineer Maxwell Kerith said this affects the top and middle management positions.

“We noted that 47,9 percent of those occupying top and middle management positions are not qualified for those posts. Only 52,1 percent of employees are qualified for their positions,” he said.

Engineer Kerith said there is a need for the local authority to consider correcting the anomaly. 

“Our recommendation as the review team is that the council should expedite adoption of draft key corporate policies. The number of under qualified staff is worrying because we expect that everyone should be qualified for the posts they are holding,” he said.

Engineer Kerith also said there is an audit backlog at the municipality, with the last audit having been done in 2015.

“What we noted is that there is a serious backlog of audit in Gweru City Council. The council is still working on their 2016 audit books and that should be corrected as well. The city needs to fast track the adoption of key corporate governance policies,” said Engineer Kerith. 

The report also revealed that the council has managed to reduce loss of its treated water.

“The last service level bench marking review revealed that the council was losing 57 percent of its treated water. We are happy to announce that there is a huge improvement as now the city is only loosing 47,3 percent of its treated water. We encourage them to continue working hard to reduce water loss,” said Engineer Kerith.

Gweru City Council also scored low on issues pertaining to attention and handling of customer concerns. Sunday News


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